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Cover for Ilias


Eletään Troijan sodan loppuaikoja. Sota syttyi, kun kreikkalainen kaunotar Helena hylkäsi oman kansansa ja karkasi troijalaisen prinssin matkaan. Jumalat ovat ennustaneet, että Kre ...

Cover for Odysseia


Troijan sota on päättynyt. Sotapäällikkö ja Ithakan kuningas Odysseian on aika suunnata kohti kotia ja Kreikkaa vaimonsa Penelopen ja poikansa Telemakhosin luokse. Odysseian kotima ...

Cover for The House of the Laird

The House of the Laird

When Karen was travelling on the night train to Edinburgh only half-recovered from pneumonia, she was lucky to have Iain Mackenzie swoop in. Taking her to his home in the Highlands ...

Cover for Hotel Stardust

Hotel Stardust

When Commander Roger Merlin offers to buy Eve’s inheritance, Treloan Manor in Georgia, the answer is strictly no. She has not even set eyes of the place yet, and she has different ...

Cover for Heart Specialist

Heart Specialist

Dr. Leon Daudet is a famous Parisian doctor specializing in the heart. One day he meets a young English girl, Valentine, who is spending only a few months in Paris. The doctor find ...

Cover for Four Roads to Windrush

Four Roads to Windrush

Lindsay is very fond of the hotel she works in and which was once her family home. Yet when a new and difficult owner arrives, the place is no longer what it once was. The only thi ...

Cover for Dear Tiberius

Dear Tiberius

Lucy Nolan was charged with taking care of the invalid daughter of the cold and distant Sir John, whom Lucy names Tiberius. She is very fond of the daughter, Miranda, and thus Lucy ...

Cover for Castle Thunderbird

Castle Thunderbird

When Noel’s uncle dies, she begins to look for employment. Her wishes are granted when she becomes the companion of a teenage girl, in a stunning Austria castle, no less. The maste ...

Cover for Carpet of Dreams

Carpet of Dreams

Peta is 19 years old and what you would call a free spirit, taking after her upbringing. When she is orphaned, she is placed in the care of her stepfather’s younger brother. Not ha ...

Cover for The Last Trail

The Last Trail

The US frontier was a lawless place. Self-appointed ‘border-men’ helped keep the peace. Battle-scarred and solitary, they tended to shoot first and ask questions later. One such ma ...

Cover for The Spirit of the Border

The Spirit of the Border

The Ohio Frontier of the late 1700s. It’s where two worlds met; native Americans to the west, white settlers to the east. Into this unpredictable region come brothers Jim and Joe D ...

Cover for Betty Zane

Betty Zane

For his first novel, Zane Grey looked back at the extraordinary life of his ancestor Betty Zane—a heroine of the American Revolutionary War. Betty Zane lived her life on the fronti ...

Cover for The Border Legion

The Border Legion

Joan Randle is riding the Idaho trail when she’s taken hostage by a bandit gang. Their leader is the ruthless Jack Kells. And Joan’s situation is about to go from bad to worse. For ...

Cover for The Day of the Beast

The Day of the Beast

When WW1 soldier Darren Lane returns home, he’s shocked by what he finds. Underage drinking, jazz music, gambling; all signs that the Roaring Twenties are just around the corner. B ...

Cover for The Lives and Deeds of our Self-made Men

The Lives and Deeds of our Self-made Men

First published in 1872, Harriet Beecher Stowe’s ‘The Lives and Deeds of our Self-Made Men’ is a collection of sketches and biographies which focuses on well-known American figures ...

Cover for Our Charley and What to do with Him

Our Charley and What to do with Him

A biographical book, Harriet Beecher Stowe’s ‘Our Charley and What to do With Him’ is based on her own brother Charles Edward Beecher - a wild, tempestuous child, and the youngest ...

Cover for Woodstock


Witchcraft and revolution collide in Walter Scott’s thrilling "Woodstock".King Charles I has been beheaded, and the English Civil War is finally over. His son, Charles Stuart, must ...

Cover for Peveril of the Peak

Peveril of the Peak

In Restoration England, two young lovers must battle against a wild conspiracy. Julian and Alice’s love has survived a lot. For one thing, their families supported different sides ...

Cover for The Fortunes of Nigel

The Fortunes of Nigel

Scottish lord Nigel Olifaunt is more than a little naive. So when he arrives in London, he’s soon sucked into the chaos of the big city. Pinballing between a lively cast of petty c ...

Cover for The Bride of Lammermoor

The Bride of Lammermoor

In a decrepit, Scottish castle overlooking the sea, Edgar Ravenswood dreams of revenge. Years ago, his father’s rival conspired to strip the Ravenswoods of their fortune. But fate ...

Cover for The Heart of Midlothian

The Heart of Midlothian

Against the backdrop of the Porteous Riots, one woman must give everything to save her sister. It’s 1763, and there’s pandemonium on the streets of Edinburgh. Innocent protesters h ...

Cover for The Antiquary

The Antiquary

"The Antiquary" is a book steeped in family secrets.One of Walter Scott’s "Waverley" novels, its plot revolves around a memorable odd couple: Lovel, a young man with a mysterious p ...

Cover for Through Russia

Through Russia

First published in 1923 ‘Through Russia’ is a collection of short stories by the well-known Russian author, Maxim Gorky. The collection includes ‘The Birth of a Man’, ‘Nilushka’, a ...

Cover for Three Men

Three Men

First published in 1900, ‘Three Men’ is a novel by famous Russian author Maxim Gorky. The story follows the fortunes of Ilya, a poor boy from the slums who finds himself catapulted ...

Cover for The Man Who Was Afraid

The Man Who Was Afraid

Pessimistic young Foma Gordyeff has inherited his father’s shipping business and soon finds himself spiralling out of control – squandering his fortune and indulging his every whim ...