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Cover for Love


‘Love’ begins with the narrator writing a long, poetic and lovelorn letter to the object of his affections, Sasha. It has to be absolutely perfect. However, her reply isn’t exactly ...

Cover for Easter Eve

Easter Eve

A sombre, grieving monk, ferries a man across the river to visit his local church for the Easter holiday festivities. As they journey towards the celebrations and excitement on the ...

Cover for The War of Women I

The War of Women I

If you enjoyed the jolly romp, ‘The Three Musketeers,’ then ‘The War of Women I’ is sure to tickle your literary fancy. Set in 17th century France, the plot of this tale is played ...

Cover for A Catastrophe

A Catastrophe

H.G. Wells's short story, 'A Catastrophe' was published alongside many of his other works in 'The Plattner Story and Others'. This novella is a poignant tale of a cloth merchant, n ...

Cover for The Elementary Sherlock Holmes Collection

The Elementary Sherlock Holmes Collection

From intense deduction methods and trusty sidekicks to supernatural dogs and grizzly murders, ´The Elementary Sherlock Holmes Collection´ offers a generous glimpse into some of the ...

Cover for The Conversation of Eiros and Charmion

The Conversation of Eiros and Charmion

Halley's Comet had just swung by and the infamous Baptist preacher William Miller was foretelling the end of the world.Edgar Allan Poe was quick to capitalise on the atmosphere of ...

Cover for The Maverick Queen

The Maverick Queen

In this classic Western, good guy Linc Bradway sets out to seek revenge after his partner is killed in a poker game. He ends up in South Pass, Wyoming, where he encounters gamblers ...

Cover for The People of the River

The People of the River

The second book in the ‘Sanders of the River’ series, ‘The People of the River’ gives us a little more insight into the working of the eponymous Commissioner’s mind. Wonderfully wi ...

Cover for The Price a Woman Pays

The Price a Woman Pays

While Wallace could never be accused of being a run-of-the-mill author, ‘The Price a Woman Pays’ is one of his more unusual tales. A gripping and fun short story, it follows the co ...

Cover for The Man Called McGinnice

The Man Called McGinnice

While this might be one of Wallace’s shorter tales, he packs it with plenty of character and an unusual amount of darkness.Tam is interrogated over his role in the crashing of an a ...

Cover for The Solitary Summer

The Solitary Summer

"Last night after dinner, when we were in the garden, I said, 'I want to be alone for a whole summer, and get to the very dregs of life. I want to be as idle as I can, so that my s ...

Cover for Forlorn River

Forlorn River

'Forlorn River' (1927) is filled with cowboys, romance, and ranches. It follows horse-catching Ben Ide, his friend Nevada and their loyal Native American companion Modoc, as Ben at ...

Cover for Nevada


When Rancher Ben Ide moves his family to Arizona, it initially seems to be only because of his sick mother. But the need for finding his old riding partner Nevada is too great. Ide ...

Cover for Redemption


Even the greatest authors cannot resist a love triangle.Leo Tolstoy has Fedor Protasov as one of the three sides. He is tormented by the belief that his wife Liza (side two) really ...

Cover for Lieutenant Bones

Lieutenant Bones

If you can imagine Rowan Atkinson’s ‘Mr Bean’ as a lieutenant serving in Africa during the days of the British Empire, then you’ve got a good idea of ‘Lieutenant Bones.’When Commis ...

Cover for Gospel-Truth Mortimer

Gospel-Truth Mortimer

Mr Chell is a very wealthy man. However, even his money cannot buy him a sense of humour. When he receives a letter demanding thousands of pounds to prevent his imminent kidnap, he ...

Cover for Sandi the King-Maker

Sandi the King-Maker

The ninth instalment in the ‘Sanders of the River’ series, ´Sandi the King-Maker´ provides a fitting end for our eponymous hero.When a missionary and his daughter go missing in Afr ...

Cover for My Adventures, A German Spy in Britain

My Adventures, A German Spy in Britain

Set during the First World War, ‘My Adventures, A German Spy in Britain’ is a collection of short stories narrated by secret agent, Heine.While he might have been sent to London by ...

Cover for Eve's Island

Eve's Island

Told through various eyewitness accounts, ‘Eve’s Island’ follows the adventures of Captain Tatham.On discovering a deserted island, he claims it as his own. However, he also discov ...

Cover for Hooking Watermelons

Hooking Watermelons

‘Hooking Watermelons’ (1898) is a short story by the American author, Edward Bellamy, most famous for his socialist and utopian novel ‘Looking Backward: 2000-1887’ (1888).New York ...

Cover for Deserted


‘Deserted’ (1898), a humorous, sentimental tale of young love amidst the Nevada desert, is a short story by the American author, Edward Bellamy, most famous for his socialist and u ...

Cover for Isänmaattomat


Miltä tanskalainen yhteiskunta näyttää ulkopuolisen silmin?Joán Ujházy on mestarillinen viulisti, joka on kasvanut Tonavassa sijaitsevassa saaressa. Joánin äiti oli tanskalainen, j ...

Cover for The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man

The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man

A fictional tale set in America at the turn of the 20th century, ‘The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man’ tells the story of a mixed-race man whose lighter skin allows him to pass ...

Cover for Wynema


‘Wynema’ (1891) is a novel by Native American writer Sophia Alice Callahan. Occupying the position as the first-ever novel written by a Native American woman, it is an important an ...

Cover for Riders to the Sea

Riders to the Sea

‘Riders to the Sea’ (1904), is a classic one-act tragedy by famed Irish playwright J.M. Synge. Maurya, a widower of the Aran Islands who has lost her husband and five sons to the s ...